I see you, darlin’. 

You want love at midlife but you don't think it's going to happen for you. 

You've tried all the things--dating online, blind dates--but you don't feel connected with anyone. 

You're afraid it's too late for you. And you're going to be alone for the rest of your life.

But don’t worry. I’ve got your back. I'M A dating coach for busy midlife women And I’m here to take care of you.

I’m Martha. And I coach busy midlife women on how to date successfully at midlife so they can find the secure love they desire (and deserve!) in a healthy relationship full of sparks.

Despite my professional success and great friends, I felt so desperate for validation and for men to pay attention to me...and I made every mistake in the book. 

Falling for emotionally unavailable men. 

Being intimate too quickly and then reeling from the rejection when he ghosted me.

But when I closed myself off, distracting myself with work and Netflix and drinking too much wine, it only displayed the obvious. 

I was lonely. 

And longing for real love--despite the pain, heartbreak, and rejection I experienced. 

After my divorce, i was ready to give up on love. 

I’ve been exactly where you are. 

Then it dawned on me. If I wanted healthy and secure love at midlife, I had to change everything I was taught about dating in my 20s. 

It's a method I've taught to over 10 million midlife women looking for love who read Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Psychology Today, Divorced Moms, and Thrive Global. 

 Finding love over 40 requires a different type of work that nobody taught you.

Your therapist can't teach it to you. 

And you won't find it in typical dating advice that is geared towards young women. 

Your girlfriends can't teach it to you, either.  

And a system i have coached over 100+ midlife women on...to help them find and keep the love they desire. 

I’ve created a no-BS, empowering, easy-to-follow framework that helps you break free from the bad luck at love you've had for years.

And attract the secure love you desire.  

My Courageous and Heart-Forward System that takes you from discouraged to motivated and attracting incredible men at midlife. 

The Dating DNA Framework

Using laser-like precision, you'll get crystal clear on what you need to date successfully at midlife--from uprooting unconscious beliefs no longer serving you, to stopping self-sabotage, and learning how to use your age to your advantage when finding love.  


Dating clarity 

You'll learn why *you're* the prize and truly believe it. You'll identify your new dating standards and values so you can start attracting aligned men (and repelling the wrong ones), and you'll discover how your unique Human Design can help you find love faster. 


Dating Confidence

It's time to go out and play! In the final part of the framework, you'll learn the right way to attract men for you (no online dating necessary!), and you'll build a complete dating plan so you know exactly what you need to do to meet and connect with men in real life. You will have developed complete resilience from rejection and ghosting. 

You will be well on your way to finding secure love with a man who cherishes you. 

Ready to find the love of your life?


 Dating Connection

Guess what happened to me?  I found love again. At midlife. And I know you will too.

Instead of booty call texts, I was invited on proper dates with chivalrous men. I was romanced and cherished. 

Buying a house together.  THen the proposal. 
And the wedding.

I now know that finding love at midlife is possible. 

I have coached hundreds of midlife women to find love again using the Dating DNA Framework. 

I can't wait to coach you, too! 

Let's get started. 

completely random facts about me!

I am a Leo sun and Scorpio rising (hey hey—outgoing but also a keeper of secrets!)

I graduated from pastry school (although I failed croissant-making)

I hitch-hiked my way through Eastern Europe solo at 22 and still haven’t told my parents about it

I failed compass-reading in Army Basic Training but was the push-up champion

I was a champion debater in college (nerd alert!)

I’m obsessed with dachshunds 

What They're Saying...

"I am so glad that I made this investment in myself. Martha helped me see that I am not helpless and that doing the work to build a new life will bring in good feelings and good experiences and good human connections."

chris b.

"Working with Martha has been awesome, and an incredible investment in myself. I felt so stuck after my divorce, and now I’m strong and actually happy for the first time in my life. I couldn’t have done it without her."

laura s.