I see you, darlin’. 

You’re feeling stuck and unable to move on after your divorce. 

You’re frustrated that you can’t let go of the guilt and self-doubt that’s messing with your head.

You’re afraid that you’ll be alone for the rest of your life. 

But don’t worry. I’ve got your back. And I’m here to take care of you.

I’m Martha. And I help professional divorced women overcome their loneliness and break free from the patterns keeping them stuck after divorce so they can feel fulfilled, have fun, and live fearlessly.

No amount of self-help books or therapy visits or support groups or dates seemed to help.  

And although from the outside, my coworkers thought I had everything together and I excelled at work, at home I was a complete mess. 

I was embarrassed and ashamed to keep talking about how stuck I was with close friends and family, because I just knew they were probably wondering, “ugh, why isn’t she just over it? How long has she already been divorced?” 

Back in 2011, even though my divorce was finally over, I felt stuck. I was severely depressed, had zero self-esteem, and was terrified that I would be alone for the rest of my life. 

I’ve been exactly where you are. 

Finally, in an act of desperation, I went inward, digging deep into myself to find an answer. I wanted to know why I was so stuck after my divorce. Here’s what I found...

It isn’t just about getting back out there.

It’s many factors--some deeply hidden inside you that you’re not even aware of--that need to be addressed and reversed so you can quickly heal. 

After my divorce, friends and co-workers started asking me for help. They were at the beginning of their divorce process, and were scared and needed advice. This work inspired me to start Surviving Your Split, my award-winning blog that gave women the know-how for navigating their own divorce with courage and confidence.

In 2015, the Huffington Post published a blog post of mine, and Surviving Your Split went international. Major publications asked if they could share my advice and they haven’t stopped.

In the last six years, I’ve impacted over 10 million divorced women through readership of Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Psychology Today, Divorced Moms, and Thrive Global. 

Healing after your divorce isn’t just about giving it time. 

One day in 2016, a friend innocently asked if there was such a thing as a divorce coach, which changed the course of my life. 

I discovered the International Coaching Federation, underwent their intensive certification process, and received the CDC® Certified Divorce Coach accreditation. 

Since then, I have professionally coached 100+ women, teaching them how to get unstuck after their divorce and get the life of their dreams. 

I’ve created a no-BS, empowering, all-encompassing solution that helps you uncover and break free from the patterns keeping you stuck so you can move on in a matter of weeks.

My Courageous and Heart-Forward System that get you unstuck and unapologetically taking your power back after divorce. 

The Lion Heart Method

Using laser-like precision, we’ll identify your biggest struggles and outline exactly what it will take to overcome them. 


Get crystal-clear on the struggles holding you back

We’re going to dig deep (in a safe space) and expose the hidden toxic narratives holding you back. We’ll break them down into tiny pieces, and eliminate them one by one.


Uncover hidden beliefs that you’re operating from

We’ll replace those toxic narratives with empowering mindsets that reflect how strong and resilient you are today. We’ll also reinforce that new DNA in situations you’ve struggled with before, so you won’t go back to your old beliefs. Your new strength has staying power. 


Rewire your DNA for resilience, radical self-love, and self-worth.

Now the fun begins! We’ll build the system for identifying and effortlessly achieving your goals and dreams. You’ll learn how to stay accountable to reach those dreams faster than you ever thought possible.


Build the treasure map to unapologetically and joyfully live on your own terms.

Once or twice a year, I think back to my marriage and feel a little sad, but it passes as quickly as it came. 

I’m way too busy loving my post-divorce life, having fun, and looking forward to the future. 

For the first time in my life, I have a sense of purpose and feel like I can do anything. 

My family, friends, and new boyfriend(!) see me as a bold and fearless woman who’s not afraid to take matters into her own hands, and who doesn’t need anybody’s permission to get what she wants out of life. 

And I think they’re right! :) 

completely random facts about me!

I am a Leo sun and Scorpio rising (hey hey---outgoing but also a keeper of secrets!)

I graduated from pastry school (although I failed croissant-making)

I hitch-hiked my way through Eastern Europe solo at 22 and still haven’t told my parents about it

I failed compass-reading in Army Basic Training but was the push-up champion

I was a champion debater in college (nerd alert!)

I’m obsessed with dachshunds 

What They're Saying...

"I am so glad that I made this investment in myself. Martha helped me see that I am not helpless and that doing the work to build a new life will bring in good feelings and good experiences and good human connections."

chris b.

"Working with Martha has been awesome, and an incredible investment in myself. I felt so stuck after my divorce, and now I’m strong and actually happy for the first time in my life. I couldn’t have done it without her."

laura s.