You need someone to show you your unique Dating DNA so you can get the clarity, confidence, and connection you need at midlife to date successfully at midlife...regardless of your past relationships.

You don’t need another self-help book to find the love you desire.

I'M A MIDLIFE DATING coach AND I WILL give you steps that actually work combined with accountability and encouragement so you can date right and find the love of your life.

Struggling with a single divorce challenge and wish someone could just tell you what to do? Get laser-focus and clearly defined next steps so you can solve that one challenge with ease.

Who it's for: You’re struggling with a single divorce challenge and you wish someone would just tell you what to do to overcome it. 

An intensive 90-minute Clarity Session

Single Issue Solver

Feeling stuck after your divorce and a little discouraged? Learn the exact steps for getting out of your rut, overcome your divorce pain, and get the life of your dreams with a divorce recovery coach. 

Who it's for: You feel stuck, and want a proven method with accountability, guidance, and encouragement to break free from bad habits and take your life back. 

A 3-Month 1:1 Premium DIVorce RECOVERY Coaching Experience

The Ultimate Divorce Transformation

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+ Access to our Private Facebook Community.

+ Access to the "Business Blueprint" course.

+ Weekly Group Coaching Lives in our Facebook Community.

+ Quarterly 1:1 call with me for 60 minutes.

+ Access to resources that will help your business grow without the stress and hustle.

+ A community of like-minded women who are there to support, encourage and brainstorm alongside you!

Monthly membership // $97 a month

Group Coaching

perfect for women who are...

here's what's included:

My Courageous and Heart-Forward System that get you unstuck and unapologetically taking your power back after divorce. 

The Lion Heart Method

Using laser-like precision, we’ll identify your biggest struggles and outline exactly what it will take to overcome them. 


Get crystal-clear on the struggles holding you back

We’re going to dig deep (in a safe space) and expose the hidden toxic narratives holding you back. We’ll break them down into tiny pieces, and eliminate them one by one.


Uncover hidden beliefs that you’re operating from

We’ll replace those toxic narratives with empowering mindsets that reflect how strong and resilient you are today. We’ll also reinforce that new DNA in situations you’ve struggled with before, so you won’t go back to your old beliefs. Your new strength has staying power. 


Rewire your DNA for resilience, radical self-love, and self-worth.

Now the fun begins! We’ll build the system for identifying and effortlessly achieving your goals and dreams. You’ll learn how to stay accountable to reach those dreams faster than you ever thought possible.


Build the treasure map to unapologetically and joyfully live on your own terms.

What They're Saying...

"Martha’s worth every penny! She gently pushes you in the direction you know you need to go. She pumps you up in ways you didn't think you could imagine.

She brought me and my confidence to a level of functionality that I can be proud to say put a 20 year marriage, to a narcissistic controlling man, deep away from my mind in a way I never thought would happen. 

She’s a great coach and mentor and she becomes truly invested in your well being. Take the leap..the net will follow. You have it all within yourself, she’s just there to remind you of that when you can’t."

Audrey F.

"This is the best investment I’ve ever made. Working with Martha over the past year has shown me not only that I deserve to be happy, but that I have the permission to live life on my own terms, for the first time in my life."

Yasmin H.

"This has been a great experience and investment for me---100x better than therapy! I feel more confident, my heart is healing, and I’m looking forward to the rest of my life, even if it’s different than what I thought it’d be."

Joni K.