Scarcity Mindset After Divorce?

When it comes to a scarcity mindset, I’ve got a really embarrassing story to share with you.  Right after my divorce, I was in a shitshow of a relationship with a guy. Let’s call him Jared.  He was my boss’s boss.  His wife had recently moved out.  Oh, and he was a high-ranking military colonel […]


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How to Let Go of Divorce Pain in 4 steps

Are struggling to let go of divorce pain, but seem to be stuck in your own head? Then I have a question for you…. Have you ever seen The Matrix?  I’ve heard the new one that just came out is trash, but I’m talking about the awesome ones from like 2003 where smokin’ hot Keanu […]


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How to Love Yourself After Divorce: 4 Easy Tips

You can quickly love yourself after divorce with these four joyful tips.

Radical Self-Love

Get your self-esteem back after divorce

If you’re like most professional women going through divorce or recovering from it, self-doubt is the weight you constantly carry on your shoulders. It’s the reason you struggle with getting your self-esteem back after divorce. Although you’re successful at work, there may be that annoying voice in the back of your head telling you that you’re […]

Radical Self-Love

How to stop being a people-pleaser

Do you want to learn how to stop being a people pleaser, but aren’t sure where to start? Do you find yourself, despite all your professional success and beautiful home you’ve created for yourself, afraid to step on anybody’s toes?  Are you the kind of woman who, despite wanting to take Saturday afternoon for yourself […]

Radical Self-Love

Confident After Divorce: How to Put Yourself First (without feeling guilty)

Many women struggle with feeling confident after divorce, unable to move on because they are still plagued by feelings of guilt, selfishness, and that they “don’t deserve it.”  If learning ancient Greek sounds easier to you than putting yourself first, you’re not alone.  For years, divorced women absorbed messaging that made us believe that we […]

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Confident Outside of Work: When You’re Divorced

Want to feel more confident outside of work when you’re divorced? As a divorce recovery coach for professional women, there is a common theme I see in all of my clients. I bet you fall into this category, too! You’re hard-working and dedicated to the profession you chose You care deeply about your work and […]

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How to Boost Self-Confidence After Divorce

Trying to boost self-confidence after divorce but struggling? After divorce, your confidence and self-esteem may be in the gutter.  You may consider yourself a failure, wondering what the hell is wrong with you that you “couldn’t keep a marriage together.”  When trying to boost your self confidence after divorce, you may judge yourself, constantly doing […]

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Confident after divorce: How I got Big D*ck Energy

When it comes to getting confident after divorce, there’s a phrase that’s been going around the interwebz that I’m obsessed with.  Big D*ck Energy.  Call it what you want.  Whether it’s BDE, Battle Goddess Energy, Wonder Woman Energy, it’s that extreme confidence and sense of self-worth that lets you uproot the toxic narratives that keep […]

Endless Confidence

How to trust yourself after divorce

After your divorce, you may be tempted to follow your heart, quit your job, and do all of the things that you’ve seen in movies. But you might not trust yourself after divorce. But if you’re like most divorced women, you probably feel stuck in the same routine. The same unfulfilling job. Still looking at the […]