(because there’s no guidebook for dating in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, and the apps don’t cut it)

"My goal was to find out whether or not I’d be interested in dating. 

I’m from a generation where when it came to dating, shit just happened.  I grew up thinking I’d be lucky if I did get married. Thinking about dating today, it was like, “Oh my god. How would you even start to navigate this whole process, you know?”

What I’ve learned from Martha is how to date in a way that feels empowering for me. I needed to understand that I had agency in the process of dating. And I needed to learn how to exercise that agency in a way that would be comfortable for me.  After working with her, I have total confidence in my ability to go out there and meet with someone.  Martha's a powerhouse and she knows her stuff.




Worried you’ll somehow do it wrong, or marry a carbon copy of your ex, or never find love and become a Celtic bog witch in the 6th century

(Hey, worst comes to worst, Celtic bog witch life sounds kinda cool)

You feel something closer to...

But when you think about putting yourself out there again? 
You don’t feel empowered.

You’ve done your time on relationship rollercoasters, you’ve gained some hard-earned wisdom, and you’ve had real, lasting relationships.

You know more about yourself and feel more comfortable in your skin than you ever did in your 20s (thank god).

Dating in your 40s (or 50s, 60s, 70s, etc) should be empowering…

  • You want to know what’s out there
  • You want to know where to find what you’re looking for 
  • Hell, you want to know if you’re looking for anything at all — your life isn’t incomplete as is. It just might be better if you had a hot partner to share it with

Right alongside the fears and anxieties and overwhelm, you feel an emotion that’s even more powerful: curiosity.

But there’s something else...

Welcome to Ready for Love

Instead of trying to go it alone with Google as your guide, I want to invite you to join a group of badass women who are also done with the BS, ready to approach dating from a place that centers their life experiences, and who are in it together.

Sure, there’s a lot of BS advice on the internet about “how to find your soulmate at 40,” but that’s not what you’re looking for.

And that’s not something anyone teaches you how to do.

You want to know how you’d approach dating as this new version of yourself.


It’s small, so you’re not walking into some place where you have to share your dating stories with 15 strangers.

I love that we’re all very different women. But our similarities are in that we all want somebody who loves us for who we are and somebody who we can love for who they are. It feels like a safe space where women build each other up and support each other.

Yes, it’s an investment, but to me, it’s worth the money. If you look at it as an investment in yourself and your long-term happiness, that’s the most important thing.”

“Martha’s program is different from anything else that’s out there. 

(Or… feel the fear and do it anyway)

The first step isn’t braving the apps (unless you want to). It’s figuring out where to begin, how to articulate what you want, and how to find what you’re looking for. I’ve got a guide to help:

If it’s been decades since your last first date, have no fear...

Because you and I are way too accomplished and capable and smart and brave to be dating from a place of desperation and fear.

So I did. And yes, I found love (peep the hot husband)

But maybe more importantly, I flipped the script on how dating and love felt for me. I found agency in the dating process instead of waiting to be chosen. And I developed a no-BS process to help other grown-ass women do the same.

After my divorce, I really didn’t know what I wanted. I just knew I didn't want to marry my ex.

Putting myself back out there was scary, and I made every mistake in the book…

  • Falling for emotionally unavailable men
  • Being intimate too quickly and then wanting to crawl into a hole when I got ghosted
  • Distracting myself with work and Netflix and (if we’re being honest) too much wine and telling myself that was enough, when in reality, I was lonely

I’ve just been in your shoes.

If it feels like I’m reading your mind, I’m not.

Eventually, it dawned on me: if I wanted healthy and secure love at midlife, I had to change everything I was taught about dating in my 20s.

Grown-ass women? We know better than to go it alone

"I can finally have fun dating at midlife! 

I gained not only a sense of peace and self-confidence that I wouldn't have otherwise, but also improved my physical, mental, and spiritual health in a way that would not have otherwise occurred."

Stephanie P.

Take it from THIS BADASS LADY:

The best thing about the framework I developed from 10+ years of coaching women and navigating my own dating ups and downs at midlife? It actually works...

You deserve it.
And when it leads to love, you deserve that, too.

If it’s been awhile, (like, 30 years awhile), I want you to know you’re:

A) Not alone
B) Specifically invited to click this button:

I’m asking when the last time was that you did something just for you: the whole-ass, badass individual you are.

I’m not talking about you, the mother. Or you, the caregiver. Or you, the employee (at the top of her game, btw). Or you, the wife. Or you, the ex-wife. Or you, the widow. Or you, the dutiful daughter.

When was the last time you did something for you?

If you’ve read this far, I want to ask you something...

Not sure where to start?

Dating for the first time in many years is overwhelming. I've got a guide to help. (No swiping involved.)