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As a dating coach for midlife women, I teach you the Dating DNA Framework so you can attract and keep the love you desire. 

And now, I want to share that Dating DNA with you.

As a midlife divorced woman who found love again, I too struggled with dating. But when l finally got honest, focused on my own toxic patterns, and developed my own unique Dating DNA Framework, I started to attract secure, healthy love with incredible men. 

You're scared that you'll never find love again.  And that you'll die alone. 

You’re doing everything they told you to do. You’re going to therapy. You signed up for online dating with no luck. But the next time someone says "just put yourself out there and have fun," you're going to scream. 

You feel discouraged. Like love won't happen for you. 

You've been single for a while and you're ready to get out there.

But when you think of dating again, all you hear is "there are no good men out there...they only want young women and they're all scammers!"

When you browse the online dating profiles, you see outdated photos of men holding fish, who can't string a sentence together, who immediately ask for pics of your boobs. 

You're afraid it's too late for you and that you'll be alone forever. 

Tell me, is this you? 


Mastering your unique Dating DNA--the fool-proof framework for finding incredible love...and keeping it!

Trusting yourself and no longer self-sabotaging

Feeling sexy, hopeful, and excited about the future. No longer lonely or fearful of dying alone.

Dating without fear of a broken heart or fear of rejection

Effortlessly attracting secure, wonderful online dating required!

Feeling confident and excited to get back out there...not discouraged or anxious

Can you imagine...

No BS, no online dating. I combined what I know from 10+ years as a midlife dating and relationship coach, navigating the messy dating scene after my own divorce, and finding love again over 40 to create the Dating DNA--a brave and bold results-driven framework that will completely transform your dating life, even if nothing else has worked. 

I help busy midlife women like you use your Dating DNA to stop the self-sabotage, make incredible connections in-person, and attract and keep the love you desire. 

Hi! ! I’m Martha, the Dating Coach for Midlife Women.

What They're Saying...

"I love working with Martha! She is a godsend."

Because of her, my confidence and ability to attract great men has increased. I now have a voice and am learning to put myself first---something I’d never done in my 20+ years of marriage. 

I can’t wait to see what my future love life holds. Thank you Martha, for empowering me and showing me what’s possible.

lori m.

"Martha knew just how to support me, when to push me, and how to teach me to reframe things so that I didn't see myself as a helpless victim. I can finally have fun dating at midlife! 

"I gained not only a sense of peace and self-confidence that I wouldn't have otherwise, but also improved my physical, mental, and spiritual health in a way that would not have otherwise occurred."

Stephanie P.

Ready for Love is the premium small group program for midlife women who are ready to attract a loving partner, but don't want to waste precious time online dating, or following unhelpful dating advice that doesn't work. 

Who it's for: Midlife women who are ready to date again, overcome their self-sabotage, and effortlessly attract the love they desire. 

Ready for Love: Small Group Coaching


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a premium 4-month Experience

Are you a busy midlife woman who's ready for a relationship but afraid of getting hurt? Get the individualized attention you deserve to quickly and confidently find healthy love.

Who it's for: You want a proven dating method with accountability, guidance, and encouragement to break free from your dating mistakes so you can effortlessly attract the love you desire. 

Ultimate Dating Transformation


A 6-Month 1:1 INTENSIVE DAting and relationship Coach Experience

Get my free training on how to overcome your self-sabotage, avoid common dating mistakes, and attract the love you desire at 40, 50, 60, and beyond!

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