This is a supportive space for grown-ass women who are figuring out their next move

You want to be swept off your freakin’ feet (without losing yourself or your sense of independence)

You’re curious about your own ambivalence toward dating (there’s a hopeless romantic somewhere in there)

Opening the apps make you wanna throw up a little bit

The last time you dated was decades ago


…Kick off your shoes. Let your hair down. Pour yourself a glass of wine.

You’ve made your way to the right corner of the internet. 

I don’t care if you’re making $250K. You deserve to be wined and dined and wooed a little bit! Nope, it’s not too much to ask.

But it does require something a little more challenging than waiting for a hot neighbor to mosey down the street and sweep you off your feet. 

Look — I wish I could send you a sexy neighbor who is gainfully employed and has been to therapy, but I’m a coach, not a fairy godmother.

What woman doesn’t want to be ravished?

So, instead of manifesting a prince, we spend our time focused on practical steps that help you feel clear about where and how to find the love you want.

  • A unique life circumstance or major change
  • The ups and downs of starting to date again
  • Time-bound goals around relationships

For women who are looking for one-on-one guidance as they navigate:

One-on-one support

  • Who you are and what what you’re really looking for
  • What your non-negotiables are
  • How to approach dating in a way that empowers you instead of making you want to cringe

4-month program to map out:


Here's how we do it:

audrey f.

She gently pushes you in the direction you know you need to go. She pumps you up in ways you didn't think you could imagine. Take the leap... the net will follow. You have it all within yourself, she’s just there to remind you of that."

"Martha is worth every penny!

We don’t start by matching you up with someone and throwing you out of the nest. You’re a grown-ass woman, not a baby bird.

We start by unpacking sh*t, getting real about what’s holding you back, and identifying how you want to move forward.

Friends and family tell you that you deserve the world, but… you get on the apps and it turns out “the world” consists of mediocre men who seem more interested in fishing than wooing you.

(Or maybe you haven’t tried the apps yet, but you’ve heard horror stories about Tinder swindlers and ghosts and catfish, and none of this was a thing the last time you dated.)

It’s hard to know what you want, let alone what you can expect from someone new

Even thinking about dating can feel like navigating a minefield of shame and anxiety

But I know that when it’s been awhile…

People tell you to “just put yourself out there and have fun!”

But whatever you decide, you’ll do it with clarity, confidence, and the knowledge that you are a sexy, intelligent b*tch who can get what you want.

By the end of the program, you might decide to date. You might not.

At the end of each phase, there’s space built into the process for implementation, because this is about taking these lessons and integrating them into your real life.

  • We’ll explore masculine & feminine energy, and how to embody feminine energy in an empowering way
  • We’ll diversify your dating strategy (meaning yes, there are ways to meet people outside of the apps, and we’ll map out those ways)
  • Getting out there: you’ll have the opportunity to go on practice dates, so you can get the nerves out in a low-stakes setting
  • Putting it all together: we’ll debrief, create space to share what we’ve learned, and celebrate

Phase Three: Connection & Practice

This is the fun part! You know what you’re looking for. Now, we get to talk about how to get it:


By the end of this phase, dating won’t feel daunting. You’ll know how to approach it from a place of owning what’s right for you, rather than waffling between waiting and settling for what isn’t right.

  • Confronting fear and overcoming rejection
  • The difference between trusting your intuition and repeating patterns that no longer serve you
  • How to understand your unique approach to love through human design
  • Dating values

Phase Two: Courage & Confidence

Dating is scary, even when you’re a badass, so we’ll tackle:


What you want now is different than what you wanted in your 20s, and by the end of this phase, you’ll feel crystal clear about how to articulate and own it.

  • How to set intentions that serve you
  • Exploring what’s worked and hasn’t worked in the past 
  • Understanding limiting beliefs and counteracting unhelpful thoughts
  • Self-worth (that mystical torch we’re all always striving for)

Phase One: Clarity & Dating Detox

We’ll dive into:


This is Ready for Love

I’m all ears. Tell me a little bit about what’s going on, and we can talk about whether one-on-one coaching is right for you.

Hoping for more one-on-one guidance, or have a unique circumstance you’re wondering about?

I promise you’re not alone. And love is absolutely possible for you, if you’re committed to doing the self-work to find it.

Dating after loss

Dating with a specific goal in mind

Dating as a care-giver

Dating when you worry no one else can understand what you’re going through

I’ve supported people through:

  • Having a dating plan, so you know exactly what to do to meet and connect with men you’re excited about

  • Developing a real sense of resilience from rejection

  • Replacing the question, “Am I good enough?” with, “Is this good for me?”

  • Knowing that the next love you find will be grounded in your values, your hopes, and your sense of self-worth


lori M.

I can’t wait to see what my future love life holds. Thank you Martha, for empowering me and showing me what’s possible."

"I now have a voice and am learning to put myself first — something I had never done in my 20+ years of marriage.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned from decades as a dating coach is that — yes, I absolutely want you to find love — but it doesn’t matter whether or not I want it for you. What matters is what you want for yourself.

I’m not here to pressure you into dating. I’m here to support you as you navigate your next steps, so you can take those steps with more confidence and clarity.

On the fence? Tell me a little bit about what's happening in your love life (or lack thereof), and we’ll take it from there.

And most importantly, you need to remember that whether you date or don’t date isn’t about anyone else.

It’s about you.

You deserve to find an approach to dating that makes you feel empowered, not terrified.

You need to remember how to name what you want, after decades of prioritizing everyone besides yourself.

You need a supportive space where you can confidently identify what you want, own what you want, and commit to not settling for anything less.

You don’t need someone who will tell you you’ll meet your soulmate by wearing the right shade of lipstick.

Plenty of magazines and top 10 internet lists will tell you “how to find the love of your life in your 50s." They’ll tell you to join book clubs and buy shapewear and pick photos for your profile where you’re wearing red lipstick and yadda yadda yadda. 

You wouldn’t be here reading this if that fuckery actually worked. (Pardon my French, but Cosmo was demoralizing when I was 15 and it’s demoralizing now.)

This isn’t about finding love

This is a weird thing for a dating coach to say, but I’m not like most dating coaches, so I’m going to say it: