5 Best Tips to Have a Sexy & Fun Summer for Women Dating Over 40

It’s time to focus on how to actually have a sexy & fun summer for women dating over 40! The weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer, and you’re feeling that spring fever. Maybe this last winter, your dating life has been dormant. Maybe you have been busy. So maybe you haven’t dated in a while. Perhaps one of your goals for the summer is to put yourself out there and do some flirting, have some steamy fun, or whatever you want. 

How to make your dream of a fun, playful, sexy summer a reality.

If you’re looking to get back out there and want to do something that’s really fun and really incredible, this is a great place to start. It can be scary to put yourself out there after a divorce or a long period of being single. So there are five things you can do to have the hot girl summer of your dreams. It’s that easy. First, you need to plan the right things in order to have a sexy summer. Then, you just have to plan for the right things. 

5 Best Tips to Have a Sexy & Fun Summer for Women Dating Over 40

#1 You want to plan things that will make you feel good. 

If it’s not going to make you feel good this summer, why do it? If you’re doing something that’s not making you feel great, that’s not going to be a successful, fun, sexy summer. So plan things that are going to make you feel good.

#2 Plan things that are going to make you feel sexy. 

To have a fun and sexy summer, you must align with that goal. Plan activities that make you feel sexy. Whatever that is to you. If it’s: 

  • walking around commando or 
  • if it’s going and getting a cute new dress, or 
  • if it’s sipping some wine with your girlfriends.

Do that. But it is up to you to figure out what it is that is going to make you feel sexy. Then you must actively plan it because if it’s not scheduled and it’s not planned, then it’s not going to happen. Do it regularly and make it a habit. So for your first two steps, you’ve got to plan things that make you feel good and plan things that make you feel sexy. 

#3 Plan things that will make you feel like your best self. 

Now, I invite you to start thinking about your best self, especially if you are unclear about what that looks like for you. What is it that really makes you the best version of yourself? Everyone has those activities that bring out the best version of you:

  • whether it is when you are taking a trip by yourself, 
  • whether it’s going to the museum, 
  • whether it’s going to a talk that you care about, or 
  • going to an event that you care about, 

You have to put that into your calendar, and you have to do that multiple times. Doing this will establish a sexy & fun summer for women dating over 40.

#4 Do things that will put you in front of incredible men. 

If you want to have a sexy summer that’s full of flirting, being asked out on dates, and showing your sexy feminine she-wolf self, you need to put yourself in what is called a target-rich environment. You should think about and reflect on where you could go to be in the presence of wonderful men. Men that you would actually want to spend time with, men that you would actually want to talk to, and you would want to go on dates with and maybe would want to be intimate with—men you would want to have fun with.

Because if you’re just planning everything to be only with your girlfriends all the time, or it’s just with your co-workers, or with your family, you’re not going to set yourself up to meet incredible men. Those are nice, but remember, if you’re looking to have a fun and sexy summer, you have to be around situations and people that you want to feel fun and sexy with. So you have to carve out that plan. You have to make sure that you are around those types of people. 

5 Best Tips to Have a Sexy & Fun Summer for Women Dating Over 40

#5 Have a list of conversation starters.

So the fifth way to have a fun and sexy summer is to have a list of things you can talk about when approaching people to start flirting with them. It’s not enough to be in an environment where you’re around attractive men if you’re not going to be able to interact with them and speak with them. Then, it’s basically worthless. So you start planning to do that by figuring out:

  • How can I put myself in those environments? 
  • How can I talk with them? 
  • How can I establish that communication? 
  • How can I create that rapport so I feel confident, start flirting, and have fun? 

Just wanting to have a sexy summer is not enough. Incorporating these five things into your plans will ensure a sexy & fun summer for women dating over 40. 

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5 Best Tips to Have a Sexy & Fun Summer for Women Dating Over 40

This is how to have a sexy & fun summer for women dating over 40

Now’s the time. You deserve to have a fun, playful, flirty summer. Remember, this summer is all yours. If you want to be in a place where you’re meeting great men just in a matter of weeks, Femme Fatale Boot Camp is for you. 

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