5 No-Nonsense Tips to Jumpstarting Your Dating Life After 40

If you would rather pull your own nose hairs out than get back out there into the dating scene in your 40s and beyond, fear not, because I’ve got your back. It’s Dating Coach Martha Bodyfelt, your go-to gal for dating advice that doesn’t sugarcoat things about your dating life after 40. 

I know that dating can feel like a daunting dumpster fire, but with some help, it can be an opportunity waiting to happen!

Let’s cut through the noise and lay down five cheeky, straightforward tips to rev up your dating life, whether it’s been eons since you have been on a date or you feel like you have given it your all and are about to give up to become a Celtic bog witch who brings chills to the hearts of men.

5 No-Nonsense Tips to Jumpstarting Your Dating Life After 40 - Martha Bodyfelt

Tip 1: Define Your “Why” Before You Dive In

First things first – ask yourself, why do you want to date? Be crystal clear about your reasons. If it’s just because society or friends nudge you, stop! Dating isn’t a stroll in the park; it requires time and effort. There might be other things in your life that you really want to spend your time and energy on instead, and those are the things that bring you joy and fulfillment.

It could be:

  • solo traveling
  • your business
  • your fur babies
  • or anything that you want to spend your time on

I am a trained life coach, so I can help you in your pursuit of those things too. If you find though, that you really love being in a relationship, and you are seeking the partner of your dreams then I can help you find them. Your reasons are yours, so own them!

Tip 2: What’s Your “Why” for Dating After 40?

If you’re all in, now’s the time to jot down precisely why dating is important to you. Seeking companionship? Longing for a rock-solid partner? Craving to be laid frequently and well in a relationship? Own it! It’s not about conforming; it’s about acknowledging what matters to you, forget the societal noise.

5 No-Nonsense Tips to Jumpstarting Your Dating Life After 40 - Martha Bodyfelt

Tip 3: Let’s Get Real: Identify What’s Holding You Back From Dating After 40

List those actions that are holding you back. If you are feeling stuck, make a list of the things you are doing that are keeping you from finding the hot man of your dreams. We’re on the truth-telling train now, ladies. No finger-pointing at “loser guys”; this is about self-accountability. What aren’t you doing that you should? Are you stuck in a loop of disappointing dating profiles? Let’s name those behaviors! By bringing them to our attention we can take action. 

Tip 4: Take Action in the Next Two Weeks To Start Your Dating Life After 40

Time to roll up your sleeves and get proactive! List three actions you’ll take in the next fortnight to mingle and mix. Saying “yes” to that happy hour or attending that wine-tasting solo might just be the spark you need. I know going solo can be scary, but that’s how you meet people. You put yourself out there, and a lot of times, that means going solo.

Tip 5: Grab Your Free Guide For Dating After 40

Need an extra nudge? I’ve got your back! For more unabashed dating wisdom grab my free guide, “Where to Start Dating If You Haven’t Done It in Years or Decades.” This is your dating GPS. Gear up for actionable steps. Let’s make dating after 40 a total blast!

Bonus Tip: Book Your Free Discovery Call with Me

Still craving more clarity? Snag a free 30-minute call with yours truly. Let’s untangle your unique situation and craft a tailored plan for your dating journey.

So, there you have it – a snappy rundown to kick-start your dating game. Remember, clarity is key. Whether you’re diving in or deciding it’s not your cup of tea, owning your choices is what truly matters.
Until next time, happy dating! See you later, fabulous ladies!