3 Signs For Older Women Dating That You’re Ready to Find Love

Many grown adult women in midlife and better find themselves thinking about dating. You might be one of them. Unfortunately, most of those thoughts around dating tend to be very negative. What you really wish you could do is skip the dating and go right to the part where you have the amazing lover of your dreams who doesn’t need you to mother him. You want to find love again and want to open your hearts again, but you’re hesitating. Here are 3 signs for older women dating that you’re ready to find love.

3 Signs For Older Women Dating That You’re Ready to Find Love

1. You’re sick of online dating.

Ready for Love is my exclusive program just for women like you who are no neophytes to dating, you have been around and you’ve had your heart broken once or twice, and you’ve actually probably broken a couple of hearts. You man killers, I know you. So if you’re thinking, “hey, you know, I want to date but I don’t know if I want to do it like I always did before. I’m not sure what to do. I hate going online.” Ready for Love is going to show you the dating DNA framework that is basically going to give you a blueprint, a foolproof roadmap to dating essentially. 

So you can have that courage to date again, without feeling like you’re going to be rejected and be heartbroken. You’re going to grow that confidence to date as a grown-ass woman and avoid the nonsense of dating as we did in the past. Like how we dated when we were 25. No wonder you’re still feeling cynical about dating. 

In addition, you are going to receive the clarity and the dating detox which you need in order to date successfully. Who doesn’t want that? I know when I was single, I didn’t want to be dating all the time. I was sick of it. Of course, I was craving connection. I wanted to feel desired and seen and heard. And I know you feel the same way.

Something might be holding you back, and it might be the thought that you can figure this out yourself. You might be thinking, “I’ll just kind of do what I’m doing. I’ll join a hiking club. I’ll go volunteer somewhere, or I’ll just go online again. Maybe this time will be different.” 

If you are waiting for a sign to push you into signing up for Ready for Love. Here is your sign that as older women dating that you’re ready to find Love. Here’s the thing. Right now as you are reading this, this is your sign to consider Ready for Love. This is your sign to put your faith in yourself and say yes to yourself. Say yes to investing in yourself. Yes, investing in your future joy, your future happiness, your future healthy, beautiful love life. Book a discovery call with me. 

This is your sign.

3 Signs For Older Women Dating That You're Ready to Find Love

2. You feel like you’ve tried it all.

It’s normal to feel a little bit afraid before you’re about to do something that is a big investment of time and finances. And it’s normal to think there are still things that you haven’t tried yet or maybe if you did them just one more time this time would be different. Maybe you’re thinking, “Well, I don’t really think I need this you know, um, because gosh, it’s an investment, and what if I go and try online dating again? Let me just try to do that again. Or you know, maybe I’ll just join a church choir? But oh, let me just go out with my friends or just work on myself and I can find love that way.” 

But I’m going to be honest with you. I know you can handle this truth. If those things would have worked for you, you would have already been successful at dating. If you did not find the incredible man of your dreams already by:

  • Mindlessly scrolling and looking at all the online dating profiles 
  • Joining the hiking group/history club/golfing/church choir
  • Blind dates

That means you probably need to take a step back and reevaluate. It might mean you need some help.

You will have to step outside your comfort zone to grow. Nothing changes if nothing changes. So if you are really wanting to prioritize finding an incredible relationship, and you really want to know how to attract wonderful men that are for you, the adult, mature grown-ass version of you, and not the 20-year-old version of you, you have to do something different. 

You want love, the stuff that’s in romance novels (perhaps Bridgerton). It’s ok to be scared to try something different and new and unknown to you. But let that fear and hesitation go. Or let it drive you to take the next step. Take a step forward into the unknown realm of possibility and book your discovery call with me

Let that be your sign. That is the sign that you should be taking the leap. It’s counterintuitive, right? The fear and the hesitation that you’re feeling is the sign to take the next step. Doing it alone and still feeling frustrated is a sign that this is not working for you right now. Take a step into an uncomfortable space. Lean into it and notice that it is a sign that you should be doing something differently. 

3 Signs For Older Women Dating That You're Ready to Find Love - Martha Bodyfelt

3. You want love.

If you want to find love, and you want to get the shortcut and the shorter circuit in order to do that, without wasting months, or years of your life, Ready for Love is for you. It’s important to recognize the signs that as older women dating that you’re ready to find love.

Your love life has not given you the results you want, and there is no guarantee for that investment of your time or for the money that you’re spending on it currently. Let that be a sign as well. To do something different. To say yes to Ready for Love, which is my incredible program.

This is a sign to have your courage be bigger than your fear. This is the sign to have your hesitation actually be trumped by your desire to be in that wonderful loving relationship. The fact that nothing’s worked before is a sign to try something new. So take a chance on yourself. Take a bet on yourself. It’s always best to invest in yourself and bet on yourself. And the first step to do that is to book a discovery call with me

Do not forget that as older women dating that you’re ready to find love.

It will be an opportunity for you to ask me any questions you have about the Ready for Love group program. What are the guarantees? What are the results that you can expect to get as well as what is the framework and actually how it’s going to make you an incredible dater, a strong fearless dater, and a confident dater, who’s actually going to be used in your age and your life experience as an asset. I find that people absolutely love the call because it provides them with so much clarity for how they want to proceed. 

So I invite you to book that call. The fact that you’re not doing anything is a decision as well. That is a decision that you want to stay stuck. And you want to remain unhappy.  I don’t think you want that for yourself, I think you actually want better for yourself. As a dating coach, I certainly want better for you. 

This is your sign that you deserve better.

You deserve to have a wonderful system that is going to show you how to get courageous and confident and meet incredible men. But that’s not going to happen if you’re not doing anything about it. Doing nothing will change nothing and only take more of your time and energy.

So book your call, I can’t wait to see you. But again, nothing changes if you don’t make that decision to change for yourself. But remember, if you are looking for a sign and you are on the fence. This is your sign to do something amazing for yourself!


Coach Martha 

Ps. To hear me talk more about this topic check out my Youtube video – The Signs That You’re Ready to Find the Love of Your Life