Surviving the Holidays Solo: Martha Bodyfelt’s Guide to Dating Over 50 and Crushin’ 2024

Are you still in a food coma from Thanksgiving? Or maybe you’re soaking up the festive vibes or just counting the days until January 2nd when it’s all over. Being a single gal dating over 50 during the holidays can be a mixed bag, right? But no worries, I got your back with some tips to breeze through the next few weeks and kick off 2024 like the boss babe you are.

Take Back Your Holidays Like a Champ🎄

In the middle of the holiday craziness, don’t forget to treat yourself. My tip? Reclaim your holidays with stuff that makes you happy. 

  • Dive into a good book, 
  • Pamper yourself with a DIY spa day, or a real one
  • Take a chill winter stroll

This season is all about you feeling good.

Hang Out with Your Yule Tide Ride-or-Dies🎅🏼

Holidays are about connection, but that doesn’t mean you gotta be at every shindig, happy hour, and holiday party. Go for quality, not quantity. Ditch the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Spend time with the folks who light you up, making your holiday season more meaningful and enjoyable. 

Plot Your Course for 2024 📅

Most folks wait till January to hatch their plans, but not you. Start plotting for 2024 now. Waiting till the New Year? No, now is the time to plan! Whether you’re dreaming of a better love life or aiming for some big goals, I have one word for you – now!

Feelin’ Lost on Where to Start? 🤔

Got that deer-in-the-headlights look when it comes to your 2024 game plan? I am your wingwoman. If you’re itching for a different love story or chasing those goals, I’m ready to steer you in the right direction. Dating for the first time in many years is overwhelming. Download the free guide to help!

How Martha’s Got Your Back When Dating Over 50

I am the guru when it comes to helping single ladies rock the midlife dating scene. Here’s my secret sauce:

  • Complete a dating detox and *finally* let go of the past BS that no longer serves you
  • Master the Dating DNA that will help you attract high-caliber men
  • Know how to take advantage of your life experience to find the love you desire

Want the Inside Scoop? For the lowdown on Martha and how she can hook you up, swing by her website:

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Xo, Martha

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