What to Avoid to Have a Sexy & Fun Summer for Women Dating Over 40

If you want to have a fun, playful summer this year full of interesting incredible men, then you’ll want to avoid a few things. To have a great summer of flirting, check out the following tips on what NOT to do for women dating over 40. So these are the things that I would invite you to completely avoid if you can, and if you cannot prevent them, definitely minimize them this summer.

#1 Do Not Do: The Same Boring Things You Always Do

You have to do things that are different from what you’re doing now. So let’s get out of that old mold. Let’s do something that is going to get us out of our comfort zone. The first thing will be to NOT do the same old stuff this summer. 

Doing the same old shit that you always do is not going to help you meet an incredible man or have a fun, sexy, playful summer. If it has not given you the results you wanted in the past, it will not give you the results you want now. That’s only going to continue to make you feel frustrated and not have that beautiful, fun, sexy interaction that you want. So don’t just do the same old tired stuff. Because if that was helping you, you wouldn’t need to be reading this. 

#2 Do Not Do: Things that are distractions from the actual necessary work. 

You may want to do some things that are distractions from growth work. So if you’re thinking, 

  • “Well, I’m just gonna work all summer.” or 
  • “I’m just gonna hang out with my friends this summer.” or 
  • “I’m just gonna go and do very boring things.” or
  • “I want to go out fishing with my grandpa.”

Okay, that’s fine, but don’t do that all summer. These are actually not going to help you get out, meet men and have fun. These are distractions that allow you to stay in your comfort zone. These keep you in patterns of not doing things that make you feel sexy because then you won’t have that sexy summer of your dreams. It will just be a summer that is the same old, same old. It’s only going to make you feel frustrated. So let’s avoid that. 

#3 Do Not Do: Never being around attractive, eligible men.

You can’t avoid men if you want to attract great men. That does not work out very effectively. We need to not cloister ourselves in areas, zones, and spheres where there are no men. How are you going to have a sexy summer and flirt and be playful if you’re not in a place where there are eligible single men to talk to and flirt with? It’s a no-brainer. But so many of us get caught in our old habits and patterns of our day-to-day lives. Then we get frustrated when we’re not getting what we want. Finally, we feel defeated when we’re not meeting great men. 

If we look around and if we’re spending all our time around married people, or with our platonic friends, or emotionally unavailable men that we don’t like, then yes, we will not be getting any of the results we are looking for. You need to be planning and asking yourself: “How am I going to put myself out there?” Especially if you don’t want to online date. If you need more inspiration for what you can plan this summer, take a look at my blog – 5 Best Tips to Have a Sexy & Fun Summer for Women Dating Over 40.

#4 Do Not Do: Never leaving your comfort zone and not doing the work. 

It’s a huge mistake to only be in an environment where you’re not going to meet great men. If you always stay within your comfort zone and there are only other women or married couples or people that can’t put you in contact with great men, then you are not in a target-rich environment. These prevent you from committing to the actual work of getting out of your comfort zone. The plan to have a sexy summer full of fun and flirting requires that you are around wonderful men. You must plan and put in the effort to make that happen.

It’s vital to schedule things this summer that make you feel fun and sexy. Things that bring out the best version of yourself. Do the things you want to do, the things that will actually put you in front of eligible men, and things that will allow you to mingle with these fantastic men. You have to go to places where you can practice flirting and conversation skills. Those are the keys to having a fun and sexy summer for women dating over 40. 

So if you, a women dating over 40, are looking to accelerate your summer dating goals, and if you are truly looking for a plan to get in front of men, you must bring out your sexy, playful self so you can start to date and have fun dating this summer.  If you need more ideas for what you should be doing this summer, you can watch my training video!

You shouldn’t have to do this alone. You’re not going to have to do it by yourself. You’ll learn how to rekindle your inner desirability and feminine goddess naturally within everyday life.

Get a plan that works for your life

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Now’s the time. You deserve to have a fun, playful, flirty summer. You deserve to have it planned out in a foolproof way so you can quickly get out there, start flirting, and start meeting men without feeling awkward or icky, or skanky about it. Most importantly, feeling empowered, sexy, and inviting. You can feel like a feminine goddess, and improve how you communicate with men and connect with them. 

So if that sounds wonderful to you, I invite you to look at the link below, and we’ll get you started because, remember, this summer is all yours. And if you want to be in a place where you’re meeting great men just in a matter of weeks, this is for you. And I can’t wait for you to bring out your sexy self and make connections with those incredible men. They’re waiting for you.

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