secrets of confident divorced women

Secrets of Confident Divorced Women

Ah, the 4 secrets of confident divorced women. In my years as a divorce recovery coach, I’ve found that these traits exist in every single divorced woman who’s healed from all the divorce pain. If you want to know the secrets of confident divorced women, think about the following. It doesn’t matter her professional background, […]

Endless Confidence

How to Boost Self-Confidence After Divorce

Trying to boost self-confidence after divorce but struggling? After divorce, your confidence and self-esteem may be in the gutter.  You may consider yourself a failure, wondering what the hell is wrong with you that you “couldn’t keep a marriage together.”  When trying to boost your self confidence after divorce, you may judge yourself, constantly doing […]

Endless Confidence

How to trust yourself after divorce

After your divorce, you may be tempted to follow your heart, quit your job, and do all of the things that you’ve seen in movies. But you might not trust yourself after divorce. But if you’re like most divorced women, you probably feel stuck in the same routine. The same unfulfilling job. Still looking at the […]