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How to Love Yourself After Divorce: 4 Easy Tips

You can quickly love yourself after divorce with these four joyful tips.

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Struggling to move on after divorce?

3 reasons you’re struggling to move on, and 3 ways to get unstuck after divorce In your journey to heal after your divorce, there are three things sabotaging your efforts.  You’re not even conscious of it.  But these three mindsets regularly throw a wrench in the plans of most women who are desperate to raise […]

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Get your self-esteem back after divorce

If you’re like most professional women going through divorce or recovering from it, self-doubt is the weight you constantly carry on your shoulders. It’s the reason you struggle with getting your self-esteem back after divorce. Although you’re successful at work, there may be that annoying voice in the back of your head telling you that you’re […]

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How to stop being a people-pleaser

Do you want to learn how to stop being a people pleaser, but aren’t sure where to start? Do you find yourself, despite all your professional success and beautiful home you’ve created for yourself, afraid to step on anybody’s toes?  Are you the kind of woman who, despite wanting to take Saturday afternoon for yourself […]

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How to stop feeling guilty after divorce.

Are ready to stop feeling guilty after divorce? What an ugly word and a terrible feeling. Guilt comes in all sorts of mutating forms before, during, and after divorce. We may feel guilty because of a specific/concrete action we have done, or, more likely, divorce guilt permeates our lives like a mist running through our […]

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